Objective of Oromia Planning and Economic Development Comission


Preparing development program based on quality data and long term economic development direction and thereby ensures utilization of all the region’s resources in efficient, effective, transparent and all-inclusive participation so as to lift the people of the region out of poverty.



By 2025 G.C becoming economic centerpiece of the region in improving the life and livelihood of the people through realization of sustainable economic development which benefits all equally.


Objective of Oromia Planning and Economic Development Comission

 Our planning and development commission of ormiya play the pivotal roles in accelerating the socio-economic development in the region. The major objectives of the commission are

  • Prepare the long term, short term and annual development plan for the region
  • Design and prepare the socio-economic development strategies in the region
  • Improve the regional data measurement and management system
  • Coordinate and integrate  the sectoral bureau or offices to work for the prosperity of the region
  • Undertake regular and specific monitoring and evaluation
  • Supervise and regulate the non government organization to work for the development of the region.
  • Undertake various research in the priorities to transform the regional economy

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